Year 2's Katie Morag Day

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By Miss Dalkin
6 Nov, 2008 - 9:00:00 AM


Katie Morag Day in Year 2

During this term, Year 2 have been learning about Island Life. We have been reading lots of Katie Morag Stories by Mairi Hedderwick.  Katie Morag lives on the fictional Scottish Island of Struay which is based on the real Isle of Coll.  Katie Morag knows everyone on Struay, but she is particularly close to her Grannie, Grannie Island who lives in her own small croft a walk away from Katie’s home.  Although set in the Western Isles of Scotland all the stories have a universal appeal and deal with the sorts of issues that young children the world over have to deal with, from sibling jealousy to plain naughtiness!

As part of our topic about Katie Morag, we had a special Katie Morag Day when all the children to dressed up as one of the characters from the stories.  The children will enjoyed ‘getting into character’ for the day.  They made scones, gingerbread men, cakes and a caterpillar meringue, acted out stories, performed role play in drama, worked in a post office, had a Scottish dance show, ate their lunch at a Scottish banquet plus lots, lots more.

Have a look at our photos to see all the exciting things we got up to on our Katie Morag Day in Year 2.  A huge thank you to Mrs Hollingshead and Mrs Cameron for spending a whole morning baking with the children, and also to Miss Neath for organising the Post Office and dance activities. 

Making cup cakes

Making gingerbread men

Making plain and fruit scones

Isle of Struay Post Office

Joshua as one of the Holiday People delivering the mail

Drama-catching Alecina the sheep

Ashleigh in the hot seat

Miss Dalkin as Katie Morag's Mum, Mrs McColl

Our Scottish banquet

Learning Scottish dances

Scottish dancing

The party food we all helped to cook

Enjoying the food we made

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